Accessology Company History

Kristi Avalos

Kristi J. Avalos founded Accessology in November 1990 as a direct result of her involvement in national disability related issues. Through various experiences in working with disability regulations, and the panic associated with full compliance to such regulations, the need for dependable compliance assistance was clear. Kristi participated in the development of a program for people to assess an “expert’s” knowledge of compliance matters. Through this effort the need for a strategically linked national organization devoted solely to assisting businesses, state and local governments and agencies in the practical applications of regulatory compliance became apparent.

Kristi began her efforts in the transportation arena helping airlines and airports comply with the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) as well as Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) after 12 years in the airline industry. She expanded to include ground transportation issues and facilities because of her close association with the Department of Transportation. In 1993, she broadened her services to include consulting on all disability regulations (state and federal) and provide clear and accurate training to help people understand their responsibilities under each regulation. Training is still one of her specialties today.

In early 1995, Accessology added services to include architectural plan reviews  and final inspections in Texas on behalf of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). Through this program construction documents are reviewed for compliance with the related sections of the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) and a comprehensive report is developed for the architect designing the project.  Kristi is licensed through the state of Texas to perform this service as well as several of her employees.  Accessology now reaches beyond Texas and reviews plans in all 50 states in accordance with the applicable local, state and federal laws.

Accessology expanded again in 2010 to add “Transition Plan Development” as a main service. Transition Plans are required by all Title II  entities and Kristi realized that the task was daunting to many municipalities and universities and so she and her team developed this as a specialty service and set out to provide assistance and help to reduce municipal lawsuits.  We are proud to have assisted school districts, universities, small, medium and large municipalities and State governmental entities with very diverse needs in their transition plan development process.

Accessology Roundtable

Accessology is considered a national leader in providing accessibility consulting services and is dedicated solely to all facets of access compliance.  While staying focused on access issues is vital to our firm, it also enables us to provide the best and most current information to our clients. We see this both as good business and good risk management for our clients.

Our alliance with local, state and national disability organizations and governmental entities allows us to assist architects, designers and building owners in many phases of a project, from conceptualization to final design to project completion. Most of the confusion associated in compliance with disability regulations stems from the application of the standards to a specific project, not the standards themselves. Our services ensure accurate and timely answers to very complex problems regarding full access. This allows our clients to concentrate on other important matters, with full confidence that accessibility related issues are being addressed.

Accessology Stadium

As a team, Accessology is proud to have been included on numerous multi-million dollar projects and to have been instrumental in providing accessibility compliance during all stages.  We offer innovative approaches that encourage clients to exceed minimum standards, through our guidance, without adding additional costs.  Where greater access is achievable, complaints and lawsuits are averted, and positive publicity is generated on the client’s behalf.

Accessology is currently based in McKinney, Texas (within the Dallas/Fort Worth metro), with a second office in Austin, the State Capital. Accessology is minority (woman) owned and certified through the General Services Commission as a Historically Underutilized Business. We are also certified as a minority owned enterprise through both the North and South Texas Regional Certification Agencies.


Accessology Passion

At Accessology we know access issues. 

Our President/CEO has been involved in disability issues for over 30 years, long before she started Accessology .  She currently serves as an expert witness on access related legal cases and is a sought after speaker/presenter with a knack for using an upbeat approach to help others understand their responsibilities. Accessology , works in all 50 states and has learned how important it is to understand the culture of each community when developing their approach to access issues.