Grab the Kleenex: Watch who Adopted Disabled Dog Named Chance

Grab the tissues as you watch this touching advertisement from Kleenex. It is the story of a disabled dog whom no one wanted!

Disabled DOg

Except for one person willing to give him a chance.

And that is exactly what his owner named him: Chance!

Chance was hit by a car and left on the side of the road when the local animal hospital saved his life.

Disabled man adopts dog

I deal with the same struggles that he deals with,” his disabled owner says in the video.

“He’s like my best friend, we do everything together,” he said.

Chance the dog wheelchair disabled

“I knew his struggles as well as mine. And I knew we could overcome those struggles together…He kind of takes after me, I guess. He knows there isn’t anything we can’t do.”

Watch below:

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