Athlete of the Month: Teen who carried disabled brother on back

A southeastern Michigan teen who carried his brother on his back during two long walks to raise awareness for cerebral palsy is being honored by Sports Illustrated.

Hunter Gandee wants to help build a disabled playground for his brother Brandon. The boy’s mother says there is only one disabled swing but it is located in mulch.

Because Brandon has difficulty walking, he struggles to access the swing.

Brandon and HUnter Gandee sports illustrated

We want to create a world that is more accessible to these people who have Cerebral Palsy. A world that not only includes them but lets them excel,” said Hunter.


To raise awareness, last year Hunter carried Brandon 40 miles and this year it was 57 miles.

Hunter said he wants society to see that the youth can make a difference. He wants to motivate leaders like engineers and the medical community to see the cause of the disabled.

“We’re not super human – we’re just brothers who had an idea,” he humbly states.

“We saw a problem and found an idea to create a solution.”

Brandon and HUnter Gandee sports illustrated 2

“If he can accomplish this,” Brandon says of his brother Hunter, “What can I accomplish?” Brandon asks.

Watch their amazing story below:

(NOTE: Accessology is a national expert on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well and other accessibility issues. Visit our website to see all of the ways we help guarantee a more accessible world for the disabled community. )


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