Accessology is a team of experts who believes in access for all, regardless of disability. We exist to provide the necessary tools and resources to help facilities of all kinds – government, education, airports, stadiums, any public entity – become compliant according to guidelines within the Americans with Disabilities Act. We offer services, training programs, reviews, and  (CAPS) transition plans to create a truly “accessible” world.

Kristi Avalos

Kristi J. Avalos founded Accessology in November 1990 as a direct result of her involvement in national disability related issues. Through various experiences in working with disability regulations, and the panic associated with full compliance to such regulations, the need for dependable compliance assistance was clear. Kristi participated in the development of a program for people to assess an “expert’s” knowledge of compliance matters. Through this effort the need for a strategically linked national organization devoted solely to assisting businesses, state and local governments and agencies in the practical applications of regulatory compliance became apparent.

As a national consultant in the area of accessibility, our team has expert knowledge on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its Accessibility Guidelines, Fair Housing, 504, Texas Accessibility Standards, as well as other state and federal accessibility standards. From Fortune 500 companies to small town building owners, municipalities, schools, Universities, Departments of Transportation and other public entities as well as private businesses, we are trusted as a leader in accessibility consulting. Our team is uniquely qualified to develop required ADA Transition Plans with ability to identify and prioritize all compliance needs and requirements. Accessology works to stay up-to-date on laws and standards and monitor litigation and Department of Justice (DOJ) reviews. This ensures our clients receive accurate advice and guidance on ways they can avoid expensive and time consuming litigation. Our commitment to a world of accessibility ensures that we not only develop important relationships with members of the disabled community but that we also educate and train staff as well as advise project managers and ADA Coordinators every step of the way.

If you have a question about accessibility or need to access your compliance under the ADA, feel free to contact us at 972-434-0068, we are available to help you!

Visit us at http://accessology.com/


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